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Registration at Ad Swapper Central
Once you've downloaded and installed the Ad Swapper plugin (and whether you have a trial or a paid subscription), you must then:-
Until you've done both these things, you won't be able to swap ads with other sites (or even display your own ads).
To Open An Account (Here At Ad Swapper Central)...
Click here (or the Register link - beneath the login box on the center of this page).
Then enter your username and email address - and follow the instructions in the confirmation email we send you (to the email address you entered).

To Register the Site (You Installed the Ad Swapper Plugin To)...
Login to your Ad Swapper Central account.  Start the Ad Swapper Central A/C Mgr plugin.  Then click the Add/Edit/Delete (This Account's) Sites option - and follow the instructions given.

Once you've done the above, you can start; creating ads with the plugin, and swapping them with other Ad Swapper sites.

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